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Wiltshire and Jefferis Live Productions


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WJL Productions is the new offical name for the company that is the show Wiltshire and Jefferis... LIVE! The company was created in December 2001, and has many successful productions to date.
All Star Fun House- Starring B. Stanley, J. Jefferis, L. Wiltshire and L. Ferguson, this was the companys original production. And what a masterpiece it was. Looks at Gavin Shortbread, America's greatest ever equestrian rider,and his institute for the athletes who have gone coo-coo. Perhaps the future of WJL.
We Came To Conquer Your Anus- Starring our biggest cast ever with T. Nugent, B. Stanley, P. O'Connor, L. Zangari, T. Howard, M. Perkins, L. Ferguson and J. Jefferis the show was one to take the shit out of all those shitty sci-fi movies (except Star Wars, man is that a good saga). Features Stan Davis being abducted by aliens as a boy, and growing up training to defeat the interstellur bastards. Fight scenes and special effects el magnifique!
Admiral Geck- Starring The Geck, B. Stanley, J. Jefferis and L. Wiltshire, Admiral was one of hell of a movie to make. Geck once again showed his incredible talents and features Osama Bin Faggot presidentnapping the president, and Admiral Geck coming to the rescue....woo!


Stan Davis
Tenassee Jew Bags All Star running back

Jason Kelly
New York Yankees 3-time World Series winning pitcher

The Russian gymnast

Gavin Shortbread
America's greatest ever equestrian rider