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Wiltshire and Jefferis Live Productions
Jefferis Italia Tour 2001


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Jefferis, Julian
Photos, Here Are The
Italy, From

On September of 2001,
2 families venutured into the cities of Rome, Florence and Amalfi all located somewhere in Italy, for a holiday to escape the shit of Australia. They never returned.

Untill the end of September.
Their footage or photos as the case may have it were later found on their camera.
Here are the pictures.



The Train ride of a lifetime. Actually it was crap we were all hellatired. Here we begin our journey, from the terminal to the baggage claim. Yeah, we were enthusiastic too.


Here, i am describing how the river is quite wet this time of year


Our families choice of transportation for the 2 weeks.


While visiting this art museum in the vatican, i was more intrested in how white the floor was. Amazing.


Italian drivers really do know how to make their mark on the tourists.


Bus rides are quite exepensive, as they double up as an adventure ride simmilar to a rollercoaster or bungee jump experience.


The Colleseum. Enough said. No, Russel Crowe wasnt there.


Proof that the Romans were really way ahead of their times. An elevator in the Colleseum. Caesar knew his shit!


Wiltshire and Jefferis LIVE from the Vatican. All these people had turned up, when they found out i didnt speak Italian and Liam wasnt with me, they all left. Ungrateful swines.


The Pope waved to me. I didn't have time to wave back.


My Dad, and the man many consider to be the next Pope.


The Trevi Fountain in Rome. Water and Staues of Gods. Great stuff. If Your a tourist. Which I was.


Displaying the bowl cut which has made me famous throughout the world at the Spanish Steps


If anyone can tell me what this number is, ill give you a prize pack containing air. And no, its not 69. sex crazed freaks


The Pastuem has a big whole in the dome. Just thought youd like to know that.


No where in Italy is there not a phone to order pizza. I was in a church here and hungury. It arrived hot and fresh within 10 mins. Now thats service!


I was tired alright.


For some reason the ad's r massive in Italy. I was the only one looking at it though. Weird. I really wanted a Vodafone phone after that too...


This was when i figured out that the time in italy was different to that back home. I did wonder why we were walking around in the middle of the night and it was light.


Is that a flying pig?


Pope John Paul II's one stop shop


At the carpet sale in the vatican. Cheap prices for holy rugs.


Michaelmalangolos Davies.


One good thing about Italy is.....


...The food.


It is clear to me now that the great Italian leader Mussulini was infact a follower of Emperor Palpatine (pictured), and was indeed a dark sith lord.


Here I am at the leaning tower of Pisca, reporting live for the show...


Why call it the leaning tower? why not call it the almost falling down tower, or the not quite straight tower? who comes up with these names? That I would like to know.


Talking tactics with the fat man (not wilsh, ryan)


While in Rome, Tim Nugent and myself discovered that many of the statues were missing the penises. Dective Nugent later named this man as the penis theif. It seems he joined the stolen penises together to form a gigantic penis. At time of printing he was still at large.
May God help us all.


Here at the Ravello gardens, describing how the gardens were planted by actual people


Here I am on Mt Vesisvuis, the volacano that destroyed Pompei. It is still active to this day, and even though they say its "asleep" I wouldnt want to be around when it had a nightmare.


I like to get the best veiw of the city. Here I am looking over Folerence, via the dome thingy. Casear sent Roman guards to kill me so I ran.


I swear I left my bag in here somewhere


Damn buses. Apparently they knew what they were doing but I still have my doubts


The plane that began our 18 hour journey home. Yeah once again we were pumped for that.


Saying goodbye from Rome airport. Im home now cause this trip was in September. Its Decemember now. Just clearing that up.