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Wiltshire and Jefferis Live Productions
Cast Biographies


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Liam Witshire: "Liam Wiltshire"

Liam has created an unforgettable impression as one of TV's favorite fat guys. His unflappable attitude and deadpan delivery are an inspiration.

Born: 2083

Other TV and Movie Appearances: "Lookout, Theres a Cat" and "Hairspray" (directed by John Waters), "What We Did For Love" followed by the sequel "What We Did For Divorce", "Lookout, The Cat is Back", "Lookout, That Damn Cat Won't Go Away" and of course "Hairspray 2: The Hairspray Strikes Back" (directed by Bob Waters? and soon to hit the silver screen, "Ricardo and The Techincoloured Dream Float".


Dave Rothwell
Dave has become the source of our funding for the show. He successfully sued Lucas Arts ltd. for stealing the character from the Star Wars movies, Chewbacca from himself without his permission. He won a huge $400 000 000 cash settlement, and is an integral part of the show and although part wookie is also very very funny. Well done Chewba- i mean Chewdave, i mean Dave.


Mitchell Geraghty
Mitchell or better known as "The Geck", joined us fresh off his stint on "The Darkest Hour", a Don Giovani Cut. He is also critically acclaimed from his work in "Spin Cycle" as Rex. The Geck brings witty humor to the show that has been lacking with the likes of Marty "The Fag" Perkins and Brendan "Creatine Man" Stanley. That just about does it for the geck. mmmyes.

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Jules Jefferis:"Jules Jefferis"

Jules made his debut on the tele-movie "What A Fuckhead: The Marty Perkins Story" as himself, winning 5 akademy oskars awards. He then backed up with the documentary "The Creatine Man: Brendan Stanley". He also featured along side The Geck in "Spin Cycle" as the crowd favourite, and perhaps greatest character in television history, Cody. Only time can show us how far this young man can go, most say no where.


Marty Perkins
Martin began a succesful televison career on the TV series "The O'Cuntly's" starring as Cunter O'Cuntly. Sadly the show was moved to 3am Saturdays and as a result was cut after 2 years. Marty was then employed by full frontal. As a cleaner. He gained valuable experience on what soaps to use and what mop head to use and where. He is a crucial person for our show to go ahead, as we do like a clean set.


Lachy joined us as an original from our web chat program WILTSHIRE AND JEFFERIS LIVE FROM YOUR HOUSE. It was extremly sucessful and sparked the creation of our video program. The successfulness could be contributed to the fact that liam and I's faces could not be seen, therefor taking care of the uglyness factor. Lachy is currently recieveing training as "The Shoulder Pads Guy" by Producer Brendan Stanley, and "Perfect Pass" by Producer/director/cast guy/cinemtogropher/music/lighting/make up/costume designer Julian Jefferis. Yep, me. We expect big things from lachy, even though he is a small guy. His next role will no doubt feature him as an elf or jockey. haha elves.


Known to his friends as Dino, Pat, Paddy, Patty, Patrick, O'Connor, Barney, Dickless and No Balls, our very own croc hunter has taken the comedy world by storm. His performance as the croc hunter, corneiluis and the guy on who wants to win some money, has recieved critically acclamied compliments from my brother and sister and tim nugent. oh and stan but no one cares about him. Big things are expected from Pat and when we say big we mean big cause hes a big guy, so big fits really well in the sentance cause it has more than one meaning. i should write for a living. or manage a comedy website.........manage a comedy thats an idea!

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