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Wiltshire and Jefferis Live Productions


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here we go baby!

its down here a bit more

Its back people, Whats Hot...Whats Not of 2002

WHAT'S HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gondolas- An excellent place to view weddings or pig wrestling
Soccer Balls- a good subsitute for cricket balls when everyone keeps getting out
England- Invented every sport in the world ever, only to suck at every sport in the world forever. Is it some sort of curse? no, they just suck. This should probably be in Whats Not, but they suck so badly they are Hot.
Home Alone 4- Kevin returns as a 21 yr old who is left at home when his room mate goes out, and has to confront mysterious Jevohas Wintesses. That was terrible joke everyone im truly sorry.


WHAT'S NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

School work- anyone else been over it since 1965?
Superman- the best super hero ever, hes basically invincible except for some sort of mineral only found on some planet dickyears away. Whos gonna get some of that? no one, and his alter ego- Clark Kent, what a fuckhead!
Margerine- its a cheap subsitute for butter, that tastes like shit and looks like shit. i mean come on

untill next week......SAME BAT TIME, SAME BAT WEBSITE, SAME BAT.............................................PLACE

DISCLAIMER- WJL Productions accept no responsibilty for anyone being shocked or disturbed at how bad these jokes are. We wont apologise either because seriously if you think this site sucks, just dont visit. Which is what everyone has been doing. Good, great see if we need people to support us. No one supported Wolverine and he was the best of the X-Men so just you wait and see who has the better steel claws growing out of thier hands....yeah!