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Wiltshire and Jefferis Live Productions
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The new face of our new ploy to regain world power
or not at all

The inevitable has come. The unprecedented has begun. The unstoppable is coming unstoppably. The start of the new era has begun this era which is new. From the people who brought you Wiltshire and Jefferis LIVE, comes the newest and bestest thing since houses with windows. Wiltshire and Jefferis Live Productions is the new name and the new face of our campaign to bring us back to world supermecy is...well we are still looking for one so if you have any ideas, any ideas at all please for god sakes email me cause im so out of ideas. School has drained all the creativness out of my brain. Wiltshire and Jefferis Live Redux is here. You cant predict it, you cant explain it, it just happens. Thanks to Bill Paxton and the writers of Twister for that one. Over the coming weeks and indeed fortnights this site will be transformed into something new. Much like a transformer, remember those toys?
The humor is just as dumb and unfunny as usual, but the internet lets me express whatever the hell I want so unless you are a hacker, I dare you to try and stop me.
We are back.
And there is nothing you, or Superman, can do about it.
OK Superman could but lets not bring him into this shall we?

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A word from our we dont know what they do either.....pfft trellix

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